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    Jianeng majorly produces DBC series ashpalt mixing finished matecial storage bin.The storage capality of DBC finished material storage bin includes 60T,80T,100T,120T,160T,200T,300T ect.Any bland of ashgalt mixing maching in home and abroud can use thin kind of products because of the products cheep prices and porfect quality.At present,our company have been used by Japanes Rizhong,Japanese Tianzhong,Bitish APC and Italian Bonadi ect.

    BLC series thermal insulation storage bin for asphalt mixture can bting production capacity of asphalt mixing machine into full play to avoid watiing phenomena of transort tacks and mixing machine.Heat conducting oil is uded for thermal insolation,thus making storage time much longer.It is equipped with brake systm spray,unit and anti-removal unit.

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